Getting Ahead of your CompetitionNo matter what line of products you have decided to carry as a wholesale distributor you are most likely going to have competition. You need to be proactive in designing ways that you are going to get ahead of them. Often new businesses people believe that it is the competitors with the most money that will be their greatest concern. There are many different ways that you can do marketing within a very reasonable budget and this should not to be a stumbling block for you.

The first thing you need to do is really learn what your competitors are all about. As a online business you are going to strive to get in the number one spot on the first page for your niche in the major search engines. You want to take a look at who is holding at least these first 3 to 5 positions presently, and see if you can determine what they have done that has allowed them to get into that spot.

You want to equally focus both on the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. You may find that some of these companies are selling the same product as you at a lower price, and you feel that you cannot compete with this. There are many different ways of getting around this as you could set up promotions that include cheaper products. Or, you could offer other incentives that would fit in with your budget.

You want to study the strengths of your competitors and see how you can surpass these. Then build your site’s strengths focusing on the weaknesses of your competitors. For example, if you see that your competitor’s site is really hard to navigate then make sure yours is much easier.

One of the ways that you can constantly draw attention to your site is by adding a blog. This is not something that was common in the past with e-commerce sites but is now becoming a very important trend. It helps to boost your rankings in the search engines.