Target MarketAs a new wholesale distribution company you already know that you’re now operating a business to business entity. Your main target market of course is going to be the retailers. However, you are going to have to specifically narrow this down to those retailers that are most likely going to want the products that you are offering.

The type of products you are offering is going to be your starting point for identifying your target market. For example, if you are selling household goods then you are going to want to target those that have a home that would specifically have a need for the type of products that you are selling. Now within this category would of course be men and women and you now have to determine if your products are applicable to both or one specific gender.

For example, if you are selling blenders for the kitchen most likely the target would be a specific age group; that is your primary target market. However, you also have to keep in mind trends and tendencies etc.

While these are going to be the end users you also have to be aware of them although they are not your direct market. The reason for this is because you now have to find those retailers that would cater to this market. By knowing what your retailers needs are it helps you to identify your specific market.

When you choose the line of products that you want to carry at that same time you should be strongly considering your target market. You need to know that there is going to be enough of a market to sustain your business. Usually when it comes to the majority of products this is never an issue but it is still’s something that you need to consider.