e-Commerce SiteIf you have some experience at setting up websites or working with them then this part of your wholesale distribution business is going to be a little easier for you. However, if you have no experience in this area then you have some work ahead of you. The one thing that you’re going to find about setting up an e-commerce site is that it takes more time than money. On the Internet there are various types of sites such as corporate sites as well as e-commerce. E-commerce sites are specifically geared towards sales and services.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is determine what the platform or theme that you are going to use for your e-commerce site will be. Most find that using a simple platform like Word Press is the easiest route to go. After this you can then choose your theme as there are many providers for this. Then it comes down to simply learning how the theme operates and how to set it up.

When choosing your e-commerce theme try to stay with one that is going to be fairly simple but will allow for business growth. You may be only starting out with a few products for your wholesale distribution business in the beginning but you will soon want to expand this, and you will want your website to be able to accommodate it.

The design of your site is going to be really important but you also want it to be one that is going to be really easy to navigate around. You have two important elements to keep in mind during the entire building of your e-commerce site. It has to please your visitors who are going to be your customers, and it also has to please the major search engines so that you are going to get placed properly in order to be found among your competitors.

While you want to get your business up and running quickly it is important that you take your time to do your e-commerce website properly.