Wholesale Distribution BusinessNo matter what type of business you are in social media marketing is highly important. As a wholesale distributor it means that you may need to take a different approach to this as your target market which is your retailers are also going to be doing social media marketing.

What you can do is promote your products specifically rather than your brand which is your company. By doing this you are giving support to the retailers and specifically to those that are carrying your products. Within your marketing material you can add a list of suppliers that are carrying the product that you are focusing on. Of course this list would be the clients that are buying from you.

Social media marketing means that you’re going to be using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In order to set up successful campaigns you really need to learn these platforms well. You can also address your target market through the social media platforms although you may find other resources that are better for this. This would be your email marketing campaigns.

No matter which format you are going to use for your social media marketing it is important that you be consistent with it. If you are specifically lead targeting your market then you want to bring them back to your website to become potential buyers. If you are targeting the retailer’s market then you are going to point them into the direction of your clients.

As with any type of marketing campaign you want to plan ahead and set a schedule for releasing your content on the social media platforms that you have chosen. Remember that there is a learning curve that comes with not only using these platforms but the type of content that will bring the best results. You can use your marketing tactics as a form of promotion to your target market by showing them that you are providing additional support to increase their sales.