Product DescriptionsWhile there are many important segments to your e-commerce website for your wholesale distribution business one of the important areas is the product descriptions. These are going to describe the different products that you are going to be offering to your retail market.

What you have to keep in mind is that you are probably not the only one that is selling this line of products, so you have to make your descriptions unique enough so that they are going to beat out your competitors. You also have to make sure that they are not copied as this ends up portraying itself as copied content which the search engines do not favor.

The original concept when writing your product descriptions is to tell your visitors what your product does. What you really want to implement in this description is to encourage your readers to buy. The key process is to create engagement, persuasion, and then close the sale.

The most important thing about your product that your buyers want to know is what’s it’s going to do for them. How it is going to make life better for them, and what problems it can solve. While your target market is the retail sellers you still have to be able to meet these needs, because these are the needs that they will have to meet with their buyers.

Your descriptions also depict your persona or tone of voice so you want to come across as a professional that knows their product well. Your descriptions don’t give you a lot of space to do this. You have to get a lot of information out in a small amount of text so planning your wording wisely is critically important.

Just as important as the wording is, so is the format in which you are offering your product descriptions. You want to make it so that it is easy to scan as most readers only read about 16% of what is before them at any given time.